Shabby Chic Kitchen Arrangement

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The shabby chic kitchen is a beautiful, peaceful and very romantic interior. And what is the characteristic of such an arrangement?

It’s mostly white, some even say that shabby chic style is white-dyed rusticism and there’s a lot of truth in it, because in both currents it is allowed to combine furniture and objects from different eras, the main thing in shabby chic is that they are painted white.

White shabby chic furniture

White shabby chic furniture is not perfectly painted white, and their charm lies in the fact that from under white paint they shine through the previous colors. As I mentioned, not all collected furniture must come from the same era, because the feature connecting all the equipment is precisely the color and visible traces of use. There are even companies specializing in professional old-food of contemporary furniture.

Of course, such a procedure can be done with your own hand at home with a brush, white paint and very fine sandpaper. First we paint the furniture in white, then point and very gently rub the paper so as to bring out the previous color.

The best fit in shabby chic furniture are:

– old wooden kitchen table

– glass granny dresser

– chests of drawers

– chairs

Colors shabby chic kitchen

All pastel colors will help us create an interior in this style, but different shades of white, delicate grays, beiges, pastel greens and subtle pinks will work best, also dirty.

Fabrics in these colors are best if they are decorated with floral patterns and frills. So you can successfully arrange the kitchen in the style of shabby chic hang in the window a romantic lace curtain and a curtain with frills, and also an equally beautiful, charming tablecloth and cushions for chairs. Do not be afraid of too many fabrics because in this style they are one of the most important elements, but it is best to use one fabric in several places instead of a few materials and patterns, which can make the interior look like it will look like it.

Additions in shabby chic

In this case, we can get carried away with fantasy and decorate the walls with decorative porcelain, or faience plates in beautiful patterns, and in glazed cabinets expose the lovely porcelain from years ago, in addition, all kinds of household items such as petroleum lamps, miniature buckets and jugs will also make, that shaby chic kitchen will acquire a unique character.

On the border of romanticism and kitsch

Shabby chic style though is beautiful and adored by everyone for its charming decorations evoking the interiors of old movies and it’s very easy to do such an arrangement to overdo it with accessories. The biggest threat is to insert too many items and clutter the room. Another difficulty we will encounter is to maintain careful moderation, because on the one hand in the kitchens shabby chic there is an artistic disarr, and the items most commonly used we leave in the view interspersed with decorations, it is very easy to fall into the trap of excess ornaments and decorate a kitschy interior, which besides the colorscheme will not resemble anything shabby chic, and a cluttered, flowery kitchen, in which even the decorator himself will not feel good.


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