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The visual effect of the entire housing complex

The kitchen, together with the bathroom, most affect the aesthetics and visual effect of the entire housing complex. Research indicates that the kitchen is the first and main room that guests pay special attention to. Modern kitchens that match the current fashion and current trends have the best effect. This fact was also noticed by the world of advertising and marketing – when selling a new house, the kitchen, bathroom and swimming pool are most exposed (of course if at all). In most advertising catalogs, travel agencies ‘offers, and holiday resorts’ bulletins there is a well-equipped kitchen in the pictures.

Kitchen decor

Currently, the kitchen has much more functions than before. Once it was mainly a room for preparing meals and a place for them to be eaten by the servants. The owners, family, guests ate in the living room, dining room or large room. In the Anglo-Saxon tradition, visitors were even badly seen entering the kitchen. For this reason, not much attention was paid to arranging them. Over time, the situation began to change. With the passing of feudal society, the emergence of “classless” political thoughts, cultural revolutions and an increase in living standards, kitchens have gained in utility and popularity. Dining rooms were abandoned, and meals were started to be eaten in the kitchens. When the subject of research began to be the daily habits of ordinary people, it turned out that they spend a huge amount of time in the kitchen. Capitalism has gone with a blow – kitchen decor has become one of the most important things in home decor, and big fashion companies have begun to compete in the competition for the most effective and clever solutions. Along with the increase in pop culture and the spread of LCD technology, even televisions outside the refrigerators appeared, which only emphasized the fact of the huge amount of time spent in the kitchen by the inhabitants of the house.

Decor trends

If we like fashion, we want to be up to date and change the decor of the rooms at least every 10 years, modern kitchens furnished with modern kitchen furniture will be a brilliant solution for us. The world of fashion is extremely dynamic, unpredictable, but also very effective. Experts easily meet our tastes and know what will be enjoyed over the next 10 years. Interior design trends do not change as rapidly as in the case of clothing or footwear, so choosing modern kitchen furniture we can be calm that our kitchen will make a stunning impression, for at least 10 years.

Modern kitchen furniture

Modern kitchens offer unimaginable possibilities of their arrangement. We can perfectly express our “I”, emphasize the beauty of a house or apartment, achieve a devastating effect that meets our needs. Remember that visitors will look at the kitchen first and if it doesn’t make a good impression, the rest of the house will no longer shine. Of course, if a modern kitchen appears in our thoughts, we must also mean custom-made kitchen furniture. Designers will quickly help and advise what solutions to choose to achieve the intended climate and at the same time to make the most of the usable space, i.e. to achieve the maximum functional room. No millimeter can go to waste. The selection of appropriate materials plus the expert eye of the expert is the only guarantee of full satisfaction. Currently, for the production of modern furniture for the kitchen, MDF boards are mainly used – durable, pressed under pressure, covered with PVC foil or veneer, finished with high-gloss varnish fibreboards. Recently, MDF boards or mats have become more and more fashionable. Of course, at the customer’s request, solid wood can be used, including oak, cherry, alder, birch, ash, mahogany and nut. The color palette is unlimited in any way.

When choosing modern kitchen furniture, you can opt for innovative and individually selected solutions – of course, within reason, determined by a specialist (it is impossible to make wood gas burners, for example). The material used in modern kitchens are increasingly more chipboard covered with natural veneer. This is a great, economical and extremely durable material. Time and again rarely used materials are gaining popularity: metals – mainly aluminum; stone in kitchen countertops – granite, corian, conglomerate; classic glass and plexiglass.

Endless possibilities

Modern kitchens offer unlimited possibilities of choosing individual cabinet equipment, e.g. practical cargo systems, drawers with full extension and brake systems. The functionality is increased even by the use of modern hinges, thanks to which the door can be opened at any angle (135 o, 180 o). We are limited only by our own creativity – nothing more. There are hundreds of effective and effective solutions – a professional advisor will perfectly suggest the best for us. Dom Mix style is an unrivaled leader among modern kitchen furniture on the Central European market for over 11 years. If you want to order a measurement or have any questions, please contact us.

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