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Modern kitchen design is different from those we loved for the aesthetics and functionality a dozen years ago. Of course, ergonomics in the kitchen is still paramount, but we place great emphasis on the unique design of the whole room. Until a few years ago, kitchen furniture to size differed only in the color and arrangement of household appliances, most cabinets looked very similar and were set in a classic one or double-row string connected by a uniform table top. Nowadays, our customers are increasingly ordering unique projects that we had to encourage them to do before.

Most popular kitchen designs

These are modern buildings that are little resembling traditional kitchen cabinets.

The most fashionable this year are:

wooden furniture for the kitchen, but in a modern version, deviating from scandinavian, English or rural arrangements, which are most often made of wood.
warm and cozy wooden kitchens have been turned this year into futuristic and minimalist buildings that delight with the simplicity of the workmanship and ingenuity of the designer.
lacquered kitchen furniture also in a modern, minimalist version, the main element of which is a modern kitchen island taking on different shapes and sizes, several cabinets hanging at different heights and a roomy kitchen wardrobe. Minimalist furniture is usually devoid of ornaments in the form of milled fronts or handles, the character is acquired by a combination of several strong colors.

Modern kitchen in a small space

Minimalist furniture looks best in the open space in the living room with kitchenette, or in a large room, where you can easily fit an extended kitchen island. On small areas, opting for modern development, we can give up the island in favor of an extended table top. Even the kitchen, which is a classic string of cabinets in one line can be modern and minimalist, it all depends on the design and decorating skills of the person who performs it. The effect of modern and minimalist kitchen furniture can also be obtained if the lower cabinets instead of standing on the floor will hang a dozen centimeters above it, in addition, we can order cabinets in the shape of squares in two or three colors, and turn the kitchen island into a fold-out for eating.

Characteristics of modern kitchens

bold colors, preferably if you combine two or three bold colors the shape of the cabinets is a combination of long, narrow rectangles with squares e.g. a high bar and hanging bottom and upper squared cabinets arranged at different heights or wooden fronts without handles and additional decorations.

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