Minimalist Kitchen Furniture

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Minimalist kitchen furniture won the hearts of Poles, after years of delight over the large selection of kitchen cabinets and the possibility of introducing our own ideas to the design, we loved the simple and transparent forms of minimalist kitchens. Characteristic features of minimalism in the kitchen:

  • clean, simple form
  • geometric solids introduced with the help of furniture and equipment
  • subdued colors
  • contrasting colors
  • performance perfection
  • attention to detail
  • simple and functional equipped
  • buildings forming geometric solids
  • bottom cabinets hung several centimeters above the floor

Minimalist kitchen furniture

The minimalistic kitchen design deviates significantly from those we ordered last year, we are saying goodbye to a series of kitchen cabinets, which in almost every kitchen had the same size, decorative milling, also handles slowly give way to simple forms that impress with perfect workmanship and attention to every detail. Minimalist kitchen furniture is mostly white, or a combination of white with another subdued color on the basis of contrast. Combining two or more colors gives you the additional opportunity to get a unique design for a decorator.

Suspended bottom cabinets

Suspended bottom cabinets have revolutionized the furniture market and the standards until recently in the arrangement of the kitchen. In traditional kitchen cabinets, food cabinets and equipment located under the worktop most often stood on legs, which were masked with a plinth, i.e. a skirting reaching the floor. It is a very aesthetic and functional solution, because leaving the space on the entire floor makes the room appear larger and tidy, and also very easy to clean. Everyone who has classic kitchen furniture knows how difficult it is to clean the space around the plinth. Hanging bottom cabinets can be replaced with delicate minimalist feet, but without covering them with additional elements. This way of setting the lower body performs similar functions as the previous one and is also very practical.

A simple form

The simple and transparent form refers mainly to the building design, the minimalism of kitchen cabinets in this style manifests itself through a simple form, unusual square or elongated shape, smooth fronts made of hardwood very fashionable this season, varnished MDF, or tempered clear glass and in a subdued color. An element almost necessary in the minimalist kitchen is stainless steel, which for some time has been considered not only as a decorative element, but also part of the material ensuring hygienic preparation of meals. The combination of two or more colors gives the opportunity to create a kitchen structure consisting of geometric shapes with unusual shapes that are an attribute of minimalism.

Lighting in a minimalist kitchen

Lighting in a minimalist kitchen is very important, because with it we can get a unique atmosphere in the room, in addition, it highlights and decorates a modern but somewhat cool arrangement. The lighting fixture should be maintained in the same style, so if we love sophisticated lamps or crystal halogens, we should replace them with glistening metal shades simple in the form of lampshades, hidden invisible LED strips and spot lighting.

Equipment in a minimalist kitchen

Death with the assumption of minimalism, the less appliances in the kitchen, the better. However, it is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without an oven, microwave or dishwasher. Therefore, if you want to preserve the character of the arrangement, it is good to ask the company that makes furniture for the kitchen to create special equipment for these appliances.

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