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Kitchen countertop every day serves us mainly for preparing daily meals. The table top is a sensitive and extremely important part of any kitchen furniture. It is on it that we cut vegetables and fruits, on it we prepare our daily meals and put hot dishes, pots and plates.

Thus, we expose it to both mechanical and thermal damage and damage. For these reasons, the table top must be suitably hard, extremely resistant to high temperatures, resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage. In addition, in small kitchens, the role of the kitchen countertop is also the function of the table and the places where all household members eat daily meals. It is therefore a critical element of any kitchen and the basis of any kitchen furniture.

So it is worth paying a relatively little higher price for the proven in intensive operation and good quality table top. It will ensure the durability of other kitchen furniture as well and will guarantee a great comfort of use of our kitchen and other kitchen furniture. At the time of the decision to buy our new kitchen furniture to size, we have full freedom and flexibility in choosing the right kitchen countertop and the opportunity to perfectly fit it into the design and arrangement of the kitchen.

We must not forget that each kitchen table top must be perfectly harmonized with the elements of cabinets, with their fronts, with the available handles, floor and walls in the kitchen. The table top must form a harmonious visual whole with the rest of the elements of our kitchen. We usually build a sink and a hob in the table top, and therefore it is necessary that these elements form a properly adapted whole – visual and functional.

The right and proper selection of the kitchen countertop for our kitchen means comparing the cost of its purchase, its strength, ease of cleanliness and other issues such as fitting into the interior of the kitchen, the possibility of possible repairs or complexity of its installation. It is very important that the kitchen countertop contains a durable and solid worktop, which is also functional, and at the same time perfectly blends with other custom furniture in our kitchen. Properly fitted and selected kitchen countertop will please the eye of the household, great presenting in our kitchen.

The available quantity of materials on the market used for the manufacture of kitchen countertops is so large that it requires us to at least have basic knowledge of their performance, their characteristics and technical capabilities. Without this knowledge, we may be exposed quickly to the costly and unnecessary replacement of our kitchen countertop.

With an extremely wide range of available on the market, you can choose a table top that meets all our expectations and for years enjoy its functionality, as well as the visual side.

The most common kitchen countertops on the market, in the available offer of custom furniture, can be divided into several different groups, characterized primarily by the material used in its manufacture, different characteristics, character and its different durability. For this reason, we can divide them into:


Their considerable popularity in recent years is associated with their impressive, unique and exclusive appearance. An extremely important feature of stone countertops is the possibility of slicing on it, placing hot dishes on it while extremely high resistance to mechanical damage, popular chemicals, very high temperatures and other adverse factors appearing in the kitchen. The most popular stone used today in the production of kitchen countertops is marble and granite. Especially the former one is perfect for unique and glamorous countertops for our new kitchen. Incomparable with other materials, the high strength of the stone and the exceptionally long time of possible operation measurably compensates for the relatively high starting price of such a solution.


The most popular material used today for the production of stone kitchen countertops is corian. The composition of this artificially produced stone is acrylic with pigments combined with natural stone, most often in a proportion of 1:3. Corian used in the production of kitchen countertops is an above-average durable material and, as in the case of countertops made entirely of natural stone, it is characterized by very high resistance to basic mechanical damage (e.g. during cutting), popular chemicals and frequent discoloration. The countertop made of corian is quite easy to clean, so it is practical and functional in everyday use. It is also worth remembering that the cost of the purchase is much lower than that of a stone table top made entirely of natural stone, while maintaining many of the positive features of the latter.


Attractive and relatively low price, practical functionality and an extremely huge selection of colors and patterns, and the fact that they can be easily adapted to virtually any interior of the kitchen, make it today the most popular purchased and mounted model of countertops in our kitchens. Available laminates come in matte, semi-matte, gloss and monotonous or imitating other materials: natural stone (granite, marble, basalt, quartz), synthetic stone, metals and various wood species. The high flexibility of choosing the table top texture and the ease of proper color selection, gives us the opportunity to introduce interesting solutions, new ideas and unique realizations in each made and designed kitchen on individual order of customers.


Natural and glamorous wood will add a lot of warmth to our dream kitchen and give kitchen furniture an extremely unique, individual character. It is worth noting that due to its strength properties, this material is often used in the production of kitchen countertops used on a daily basis. However, there are proven ways to make the countertop made of wood as durable as possible and special impregnates are used to protect, protect and harden the material. During the production of such countertops, durable hardwood, relatively resistant to impact, scratches and other mechanical defects is usually preferred. The most commonly used material for the production of wood countertops is beech wood, ash, walnut, oak and increasingly used exotic wood, eg. mahogany, bamboo, wenge and merbau. In addition to the visually impressive side in this way made kitchen countertops, the advantage is also their good durability, high resistance to moisture and water, resistance to chemicals and relatively high temperatures. Wooden countertops are above all natural beauty, aesthetics and luxury at its best, which can surround us almost every day.


An interesting advantage of ceramic countertops is their countless possible combinations of arrangement, unique selection of patterns and a wide range of available colors, and skillfully and correctly made, add to the remaining kitchen furniture original and specific charm. Properly selected ceramic tiles must have an extremely high resistance to everyday, performed in the kitchen, basic activities. They must also be characterized by low water absorbency and basic resistance to mechanical damage and low abrasion of the material. Ceramic countertops are most often suitable: porcelain glazed gres, dry-pressed clinker tiles, terracotta and gres. The installation of the tiles is carried out on the basis of a waterproof chipboard, and then finishes with a waterproof fugue. The availability and choice on the market of materials for such a ceramic table top is relatively large, so with the right and tailor-made selection of suitable tiles, we should not have major problems. The final appearance of such a table top will also compensate for higher purchase costs compared to the most popular solutions used in kitchens.


Due to instability, this type of countertop is usually mounted on a fibreboard or chipboard and deposited on specially prepared steel racks. Metal countertops are very interesting together with other metal appliances present in the kitchen – kitchen hood, stove and oven, or a freestanding refrigerator with a metal front. The use of metal countertops will cause the kitchen to expand optically, as the metal acts like a mirror in this case.

Countertops made of metal can be perfectly integrated into the décor of modern and ultra-modern cuisine, where mainly thanks to its natural visual features, they will complement its overall impressive appearance. The most common metal in the production of kitchen countertops is stainless steel and aluminum with curing additives. When considering the possibility of purchasing such a table top, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of steel used in the production of a particular kitchen countertop. Low-quality steel or other non-the best metal countertops are discolored and much harder to clean and, most importantly, are relatively more susceptible to mechanical damage, scratches and dents. After a while, the countertops made of poor metal quality, I can also corrode and rust. Therefore, it is best to use acid-resistant steel, which thanks to its additives and protections is extremely resistant to corrosion and frequent contact with moisture and water. The changing and constantly improved technology of making kitchen countertops made of metal, makes such a solution increasingly found in made kitchens to order.

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