Kitchen Art Deco

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Did you know that a kitchen design with a countertop was born in the 1930’s? Then the massive kitchen dressers were replaced with comfortable-height cabinets connected by a kitchen countertop. In the interwar period, this trend was characterized by a combination of everyday objects with art. In this way, the wooden furniture decorated with brass, exotic wood, gold-plated lamps, etc. were created.

Contemporary kitchen art deco

Kitchen art deco are very fashionable to date, characterized by great functionality and ergonomics while maintaining good taste and refined additives. Contemporary art deco is a combination of the coolness of modern elegance with exclusive elements. Arranging the kitchen in this style, we can choose kitchen appliances made of fashionable stainless steel, white or gray lacquered building, a veneer kitchen island, or a table that will look like an exotic tree, for this beautiful palace lamps above the dining area. Another arrangement is furniture made of dark slab imitating expensive wood, white countertop in gloss, modern building, and a table mounted in place of the window sill. Beautiful chairs in this room forming an element of Art. A long white curtain and ceiling skirting board add elegance to the whole room.

The third proposal is to establish one of the characteristics of art deco, i.e. furniture with rounded shapes. In modern interpretation, the building is semi-circular. The furniture is made of white plate with a contrasting black countertop in gloss. An element characteristic of this trend is the lamp above the kitchen island, which impresses with its simplicity of execution, well illuminates, and at the same time shines beautifully and decorates the room. As you can see, the art deco style evolves with the development of technology and fashion.

The main features of art deco

  • Use of solid materials to make furniture look expensive
  • Combining everyday objects with art
  • Beauty and ergonomics.

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