How to Arrange a Kitchen in Provencal Style

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How to Arrange a Kitchen in Provencal Style

Cozy kitchen or arrangement in provencal style

Provencal kitchens For several years, cool high-gloss furniture, minimalist cabinets, no decorative cutters, and a blind instead of a cute curtain typical of kitchen interiors have been the most successful. However, there are people who do not find themselves in loft style, then we offer them a very charming and cozy building in the Provencal style.

Provenural cuisines – characteristics of furniture

Provence cuisines are most often made of natural wood, painted in one of neutral and calm colors, which associate us with peace, relaxation and take us to distant Provence. The furniture handles that fit into this type of arrangement are mostly simple, sometimes delicately decorated and necessarily subtle and very delicate in brown, dirty silver, patinated brass. In addition, in the furniture in the Provencal style, there can be no shortage of glass cabinets hanging and uncovered boxes on which we can set spices, or light canvas rattan baskets for small items. Most kitchen fronts maintained in this climate are decorated with milling, which in traditional Provencal kitchens take the shape of a frame around the front.

How to arrange walls and floors in Provencal cuisine?

Cuisines of Provencal walls in Provencal kitchens are mostly white, cream, or in a very bright shade of gray, while the wall above the tabletop remains faithful to old, good and loved tiles, which are timeless and very durable. Their color should also be subdued, delicate and in its own way charming like the entire arrangement of the room. Very often in Provencal kitchens we meet wallpapers with a very subtle pattern and color. The floor in the kitchens of Provence is most often lined with tiles, which do not stand out in color from the rest of the room, if they have some pattern it should be in the colors used in the room. Another option is a floor made of natural wood painted white.

Provenural cuisines – fabrics and colours

The colors, as in the case of buildings, walls and floors should be neutral, however, you can afford one or two color accents, which will contrast with the rest of the room, it is best to choose one of the neutral colors eg. black, beige, brown, or delicate pastel green. The fabrics used to decorate Provencal interiors are delicate, airy, sometimes decorated with fine embroidery, or frills. However, when choosing curtains or tablecloth for such a kitchen, let’s remember that moderation is indicated here as in any other arrangement.

Provenural ornaments

The most common decorations in Provencal kitchens include fresh herbs in beautiful porcelain, or clay pots, bouquets of fresh flowers, wicker, or rattan baskets, white cups set in glazed cabinets, spices in transparent containers and fruit paters.

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